Children’s Hospital MN

This is a post that I have debated internally for some time. Due to our more frequent visits than we’d like and lack of even the smallest “adventures” otherwise, I should mention where we’ve spent some of our time. It has been an interesting time and a learning curve. No photos because I am focused on my child and not taking any photos.

I don’t want to go too far into it, but I want to share just how incredible the staff are at this hospital. From the ground floor all the way to the 5th and 6th floors I feel blessed to live in a community with a hospital such as this. The nurses are extremely patient and the bed side manner is impressive. Nurses are vital and should be respected. The specialists and doctors all work with you to ensure the best for your child.

The third floor has a Ronald McDonald House and it is extraordinarily helpful when you are there longer than a day. I have not been there, but the offer was given. If you nurse your child, there is a resource center on the second floor that has vouchers for meals. They have play areas and age appropriate toys to check out in your hospital room. We also discovered the “shusher” while there a while ago and it has been extraordinary for us to have one of our own.

So along with awesome neighbors and friends, this hospital has been a part of our lives recently. We hope that soon enough things will mellow, and we can have more adventures even if they are small and local. One day we hope that we can visit Two Harbors, MN and see the light house and the train museum they have. Maybe some time at a seaside type beach for a change. One day.

By for now.

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