A return To Hastings

The last time C and I visited Hastings we did not have Kid Willow or Baby Willow. We thought that we would try a smaller trip to Hastings, MN again with our children. This time we visited a different park than before that was small, but just right for starting adventures with the new Baby Willow.

The park we visited was just north of Lake Isabel. If you were not looking for this park with a decent playground, you would not know it was there. Unfortunately you can’t walk around Lake Isabel, but there is a nice fishing dock to enjoy the lake. We enjoyed a picnic. Kid willow loved playing on the playground that was just right for young children.

After our picnic we took a walk to main street and noticed that there were a few store front changes. To help burn off energy, we let Kid Willow play on the new train themed playground near by.

An adventurous small trip for this new family of four.

By for now.


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