Amy’s Cupcakes


A while ago I saw that this store in Hopkins, MN was helping raise funds for research towards a childhood genetic disorder. I was craving  chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing (not my usual taste) and this seemed to be a good idea. Unfortunately we missed the window for the specific cupcakes that went towards the research.

The three of us went in to the lovely shop and saw a full counter top with several baked treats on display. I selected the cupcake that I was craving and then C and I chose two more for later on in the day. He ordered the Orange Dream and I the Mint Chocolate. C also had a hot tea. Something I find interesting is the lack of a basic black tea for a hot tea in shops such as this. So English breakfast from a metal tin is usually what is ordered. They even accommodated the request for a splash of milk in his tea. (After many orders for tea through the years, we’ve discovered that you need to order your hot tea plain then ask for milk and sugar extra. It helps eliminate a decent amount of confusion and periodically the tea brewed in a mug of hot milk.)

I really liked the staff and how well we were treated. Baby Willow enjoyed the play kitchen and table set.


The cupcakes were lovely even later in the evening. I will say that the mint cupcake was more to my usual tastes. C really enjoyed his Orange Dream cupcake saying that it was quite good.


It was a lovely treat on a very bright and breezy afternoon and late evening. I would go back again.

Bye for now.

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