Firefighter’s Hall and Museum

img_4037The Firefighter’s Hall and Museum is a hidden gem of a place for those with small children. I would recommend it more for those children between 4 and 10 years of age.

C and I enjoyed the old fire engines dating back to the 1800’s. There were many small displays of old: hats, hoses and other equipment. The room with the dispatch equipment was really cool.

A few of the trucks were free for exploration. At the time we were there, a few small children put on the fireman costumes that were available and pretended that they were fighting fires in one of the trucks. It was nice to be in a museum where this sort of interaction with the displays is welcome outside of a dedicated children’s museum. Though like the other toddler in the museum, Baby Willow thoroughly enjoyed the train and car toy set.

It is not the largest museum, but it is packed with fantastic artifacts and displays. Seeing vintage firetrucks that were once used by local communities is a rare treat. In the summer the museum has a few extra activities than during the cooler months and I would bet that they would be worth trying out as well.

This was definitely worth a visit. My warning is that the museum is only open on Saturdays.

Bye for now.

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