Lights and Peanuts at Rice Park


Not longer after we moved to the Twin Cities, I heard about the Peanuts character sculptures at Rice Park in downtown/city center St. Paul. Then as the winter season hit I heard about the annual tradition of the winter lights lighting up the trees in this small park. I have wanted to see both for a long time. C and Baby Willow indulged me in this desire.

Although this is a much more popular spot when there is at least an inch or two of snow on the ground, I wanted to see the lights beforehand. This park is a popular spot for Christmas and New Years marriage proposals. I can see the attraction as it is sweet and Baby Willow loved seeing all the lights.

As a bonus, the lights were bright and we could see the statues of the Peanuts  characters that were in the area. Some statues were by the nearby  ice skating rink full of people skating. I thought the statues were adorable, but C discovered quickly that they were a bit much for Baby Willow up close.

I am so glad that C and Baby Willow indulged my desire to see the lights and the statues.

Bye for now.


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