Interstate State Park, MN

Another trip we took was to Interstate State Park. We were told to go see the massive glacial potholes made thousands of years ago. They were large and I would not want to fall in one, but C and I agreed that seeing the massive cliffs on the Wisconsin side of the park on the other side of the river was just as impressive. Geologically the potholes are an extremely impressive feet of nature.

When we were there it was fairly busy, but not horribly so. Baby Willow loved the trees, seeing the water and the massive boulders and rocks.

We hiked around the potholes and walked along the rocky path along the river. This path was not stroller friendly so C carried Baby Willow for the time at the park. It was a peaceful time in a wooded park. Like many of the other parks we only explored a small section in the northern half of the park and hope to return for more.

Bye for now.

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