Franconia Sculpture Park


Upon several suggestions over the years, we finally made the small trek over to Franconia Sculpture Park. We packed yet another picnic to eat on the open lawn and then walked around the large open field park.The unmanned information hut did not give much information for us, but it had brochures about other places in it. There is a helpful binder with information about the park, but with Baby Willow, that would take too long. We just enjoyed and explored. This was a cool place and we were only able to get a few of the sculptures. Some were more interesting than others. Since art is subjective, I am only giving a sampling.

Much of the park is in the process of prairie grass rehabilitation so there were times that the grasses were as tall as me. I would suggest sticking to the pathways as there are signs warning of wild parsnip which will give you great skin irritation and pain if touched. However, we enjoyed exploring.

I will admit that after a while I paid more attention to the environment than the sculptures themselves. That whole “nature as a creator” idea going through my head. There was also the thought of nature reclaiming space. Sparrows and goldfinch bathing in puddles and perching on wires. Swallows flying quickly with the large green dragonflies to catch the smaller bugs. Black-eyed Susans, blanket flowers, and cone-flowers in among the other prairie grasses. Before settlers much of the Midwest was prairie grasses and trees mainly arrived with the homesteaders.  It was a nice juxtaposition between the more natural habitat and the man made creations.

This year round free exhibit was fun for all. Baby Willow really enjoyed a piece called Vessel. So much so that I forgot to take photos without Baby Willow inside. This is an interactive sculpture park which with some exceptions makes art more fun for children and child like adults. Since this park has some displays are not permanent, there were artists and assistants working on a piece while we visited.

This was a good suggestion. Though, I think it would be even more fun in late September.


Bye for now.

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