Theodore Worth Park

After a hectic morning we decided to take it easy and visit Theodore Worth Park and have a picnic. Baby Willow seems to enjoy having a meal outside as long as the biting bugs are at bay. This is a rather large park in the Twin Cities so our visit only scratched the surface.

After our picnic we decided that walking around one of the lakes in the park would be a nice end to a relaxing time away from home. There were cattails and waterlilies. People fishing on the boardwalk over the water. It was calm. (We had bug spray, which was wise.) We fleetingly saw: cardinals, a deer, bunnies, squirrels, a female Rufus humming bird, and a green/greenback heron. I am sure there are many more animals to see, but for a small 1km walk around one of the lakes in this 740 acre park that was not bad.


We definitely want to return to see the prized flower garden and other corners of this popular park. I’m so glad we visited and visited this lake.

Bye for now.

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