Elm Creek Park Preserve

We attended a friend’s anniversary BBQ/cookout. Baby Willow had a good time and on the spur of the moment we explored the area. So we went to Elm Creek Park Preserve in Maple Grove, MN. Unfortunately we only had phones so the photos are not that great. However, the park was impressive and we thought others should take a visit.

We started near a disc golf course “hole” and walked along a paved path shared buy bikes and pedestrians. At the end of our one mile walk from the parking area near the disc golf was a massive playground in the open field area park. Baby Willow enjoyed the massive playground. C’s jaw dropped at the size of this public playground. Some showers started and people fled, but it was not enough for us to take shelter. We then walked to the swimming hole. It was the most unique man made swimming pool I’ve seen. It was a man made pond with fresh water specifically for swimming. the deepest point of the pool is about 6 feet/1.83 meters. We walked back on the same path, but there were many to choose from. It is a definite place to explore through the whole year, but please bring your bug spray. The path is lined with sumac and other young trees, shrubs and plants.

Bye for now.

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