Powderhorn Art Fair


One of the wondrous things about summer in the Twin Cities is that the weather is celebrated with many events packing the few months of warm in the year. One annual event that I like to attend is the Powderhorn Art Fair. This coincides with the Uptown Art Festival nearby. However, the Powderhorn event seems and feels much more family friendly and dog friendly. This year we went to the art fair with our friends and their dogs.

So white tents line the path that surround the lake for the weekend. Artists that have been accepted, much like the Uptown event, sell their works. I am sad to see that there were fewer printmakers as that is my favorite visual art technique. Along with the artist tents, there are local food trucks and vendors to sell meals and snacks to visitors. You might see people working and playing along the lake as well. The weather was near perfect for the fair this year.

I love this event as it is good to see what local and regional artists are doing when art crawls to studios are no longer an option with Baby Willow in tow. The art fair is also a fundraising event for the recreation center at Powderhorn Park by helping to fund improvements that enable residents to grow more such as: computer lab, teen center, theater arts, and their potting studio. Minneapolis Parks and Recreation department is good about offering opportunities year round for its residents. So this event is a worthy cause as well.

Bye for now.



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