Little Mekong Night Market


So once a year in St Paul there is an event called Little Mekong Night Market. Although it proved educational, it was not what I fully anticipated. Due to this, we had an abbreviated time at the market.

I really enjoyed the exhibit and watching the monk work on his mandala. Although many were taking photographs with their phones of this mediation, I simply felt uncomfortable doing so. I will say that sand mandalas have intrigued me for many years now. The monk’s sand mandala was as beautiful as I had anticipated.  They had: tutorials on paper crane making and it’s importance, weaving demonstrations by Karen Weavers and examples, large floor to ceiling images and captions of recent immigrants from around the world now living in the twin cities, visual art exhibit and a Blessing the Boats station to write messages in vigil for those lost in their attempts to relocate as refugees. This station was simultaneously sad and graceful.

Outside this haven of quiet education, we immersed ourselves in the busyness that was this small festival. Even the officers working security were surprised at how busy it was when we were there. Food trucks and artisan booths to dj’s and dance competitions were attracting the visitors. I was struck by one lady’s ability to carve soap and a watermelon as well as create fine ceramic flower petals for her roses. We had a chat about the ceramic roses she made and she revealed her secret. I asked if I could take photographs. She told me I could take as many as I wanted, but to not include her. A lady at a booth gave Baby Willow a blue balloon which was gleefully played with under close parental supervision. The Market was an educational experience, and seeing the booths lit up as the light began to grow dim, was fun.


I think this might be a one time experience for this small family. However, I would still recommend this event as it is still a good event to learn and enjoy something new. Under a fresh lens would be a great time. I would also bring more cash to use at one of the many the food trucks that were there.

Bye for now.

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