Ramsey County Fair

WP_20160717_18_55_25_ProIt’s that time of year when the county fairs occur leading up to the state fairs. Baby Willow has not been to any state fairs and the Minnesota State Fair is a decently large fair. With this in mind C and I thought we would try out the free Ramsey County Fair in Maplewood, MN.

It had all the trappings of a county fair: food on a stick, rides, 4-H Exhibits, crafting and food exhibits, stage for local performers, animals and lots of people enjoying their environment.

Seeing as we were there during the final few hours of the fair, we missed many of the activities, but Baby Willow loved watching people on the rides, playing in small bins of locally harvested grain, and seeing animals in person.

Although Baby Willow was behaved, C and I agreed that we might need to visit a few more smaller fairs in order to one day attend the State Fair as a family. However, county fairs are a great inexpensive entertainment option for families if you are good about what you purchase once inside.

Bye for now.

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