Headwaters of the Mississippi River

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I am so excited to say that one of my goals for years has now been completed. I have been to the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Itasca State Park. This was a great experience with C, Baby Willow and family. I will admit that Baby Willow was a bit clueless about where we were, but enjoyed waving at his dad wading in the water. Due to the slippery nature of the rocks at the point where the river starts from Lake Itasca, we used the beam footbridge to cross with Baby Willow. C and a family member crossed the stones. Points for sure.

It was incredibly busy as it was a warm, sunny, summer day. Many young children and toddlers were in the water. The water was so clear. I did not want to take the risk for our little one. I tried to avoid as many photos of people as possible which means, I did not get the best shots.

The dragon flies were swarming around. They seemed to have no fear of humans to a point. I suppose it was mating season. There were so many varieties.

It was what one family member might call a “Diamond Moment” for sure. We all had moments of laughing.

We walked down a trail to the park building where our vehicle was parked. It was cool to see so much green. The poison ivy was abundant so going off trail or even on the edge of the trail is a bit unwise. That being said, we saw purple flag irises and pink and white lady slippers (state flower of Minnesota) in the undergrowth.


I am so glad we made this small day trip. I will say bring your bug spray and afterbite cream (just in case) if you go. It was great to be in a place with such local history.

Bye for now.

(A few photos were taken by family and used with permission.)

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