St Mary the Virgin Sprotbrough, UK

Oddly, one of my favorite places to visit when we travel to the UK is this church. It is a rather old church dating back to about 1086-1099. I have been told different dates. It is in a small village, called Sprotbrough, that has many day trippers hanging around from spring to autumn. It is one of those places that when empty can be one of the more peaceful places on earth for me. It looks simple in design, but the hand-carved details are all over the church. We visited a while ago during the Christmas Season.

St Mary’s is still an active church within the village. There is a new Rector/preacher there so many changes have been happening. On the link provided if you push the history button, you can get a through history of the church and prominent people who were a part of its history. There are some nice photos on the historical page. One interesting item is a weathered stone chair in the chancel. It is a sanctuary chair. It is one of the few in the nation still in existence. This was a chair for those who sought after sanctuary from the law back in medieval times.


This is one of those places in a small village that is loaded with history. As someone who likes history in general, it is a great place to visit. Afterwards you can hit up the coffee shop across the street or one of the pubs in the village. I like the Boat Inn as it is right near the River Don and a walking path.

Bye for now.

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