Stroll on the Beach


So I am going to present the Willow family’s largest adventure in some time. We had a vacation/holiday in the UK. We have different areas that we find special, but I will post about a few locations that we enjoyed while there. There will be a few posts from this trip.

So what better to start off than a stroll on the beach and a lunch at a tea house. One thing that C and I were desperate for was a visit to the sea. We both grew up much closer to massive bodies of water that was not a lake. We wanted Baby Willow experience the sea air. As an added bonus, there were several great friendly dogs like the beagle and the great danes.

So Baby Willow had a first hand experience with waves, sea weed, piers in the UK and pebble beaches. There were some trees that were very windswept. It was a slightly chilly, but great time.


We also enjoyed our lunch at Tiffin Tea House in Clevedon, UK. I was so hungry that I forgot to get photos of our meals. The food was delicious and the service was great. I had an adjusted Egg Mayo Tiffin Picnic Plate. I was surprised with how nicely displayed they made my plate. Although the space in the restaurant was cozy, the atmosphere was casual and fairly relaxed. If you have the chance, stop by. It is worth a stop for a cup of tea or a nice light meal.


It was a pleasant afternoon by the sea.

Bye for now.

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