Walks around Monmouth City Center

There is something about visiting the UK that makes you want to take a walk, especially in the holiday and summer seasons. Knowing that we’d have to answer the question about walking in fields upon return, we managed to stick with paved paths and streets for our visit. Monmouth is one of those towns in Wales that is great for visiting for several reasons.

The high street is just large enough to cover the basics. I personally like to walk around the off shoot streets where the green grocer, craft shop, and the theater are located. Every time I visit, I discover something new. However, sticking with the high street will fill your needs. Marks and Spencer have baked treats that C likes. I enjoy the window shopping, but sadly I kept forgetting to take all the photos I really wanted to take.

We both like the river around the Monnow Bridge. We loved watching the swans and ducks in the flooded river. The Monnow Bridge is at one end of the high street/main street in town. It has been around for a very long time. C and I have fond memories watching the ducks at the bridge.


One night, C and I went to Punch House for a meal. It was refreshing to be back in a pub and just enjoy our meal without feeling rushed. The closest experience in regards to spending time I have in the Twin Cities is Merlin’s Rest or Chatterbox Pub. The food was good and the portions were massive. Please refer to the gallery for interior photos. They are a good representation of the pub.

A pleasant small town for a day trip or small holiday. Bye for now.


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