The Blue Door Pub

So we had family come to visit, and they asked to go to The Blue Door Pub in the Longfellow Neighborhood in Minneapolis. This is a place that C and I have been curious about for several years. The outside is unassuming, but the inside is a nice comfortable place in appearance such as the use of wood, lighting fixtures and their tin ceiling. Unfortunately, I could not get images of the mural without being obnoxious so you’ll have to visit to see it.

The big item in this pub is the Blucy along with several different variations. So a blucy is the jucy lucy using blue cheese rather than other yellow cheeses. They have several other options for those who are not cheese eating type people. We were all fascinated by the offerings at the pub.

I created my own burger. C and the family member had a bluesy of different sorts. One thing C discovered that the bacon is inside with the cheese in their stuffed burger. They also shared an appetizer called Spam Bites. They were curious about it. I was late in getting photos of the basket. We brought a few things for Baby Willow, but ended up ordering chicken fingers with applesauce for them.

This  is definitely a family friendly pub. The staff are very helpful. However, for some people this place has very few if any options for certain food issues. It would be a good idea to check first. Otherwise, a great place for a bite out on a chilly afternoon.

Bye for now.

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