Lagoon Cinema and the Bad Waitress

So we returned from a family holiday/vacation and all became ill. So not much was done for some time. We had some help from awesome friends and are back on our feet as a family. I have a few posts in the works, but really wanted to share our time at the Lagoon Cinema and the Bad Waitress.

C and I wanted to see a film in a cinema and not on Netflix for a change. Although we love the Riverview Theater, I was excited to see the movie Brooklyn. It was showing at the Lagoon Cinema. We’ve never been, and it has been a while since we spent time in the Uptown neighborhood. I am glad we splurged on visiting this cinema. The ticket guy, Tim, was very friendly and helpful. Both C and I agreed that the film was good and well worth watching.

Afterwards upon some consideration, we agreed our best option for food was a diner we both love, the Bad Waitress. The reason why it is called the Bad Waitress is that there are no servers to take your order. You have a form to fill out and pass to the bar and then pay for your order. So it is similar to a British pub in the UK with this ordering style, but tipping is still expected. They are great about sourcing their food and being open with where their food is supplied. They were helpful with questions about ingredients just in case. C ordered a black top bacon burger. I had their Bad, Bad BLT with their vegan, chocolate added shake. It is a fun place with retro kitschy decor and B movie decorations. The food is good and the atmosphere is laid back. A place we visit when we can.


It was a great night for C and me. A good movie and good food in a laid back atmosphere.

Bye for now.

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