Landscape Arboretum


C and I realized that we purchased a coupon for visiting the arboretum that was expiring soon. With Sunday’s unusually warm weather for December and the lack of snow on the ground, it was perfect for visiting with Baby Willow. I think all three of us enjoyed some time outside again. We were in such a rush, we forgot our cameras. Hopefully you still enjoy the pictures we are sharing.

When we walked in the main building we saw a huge “tree” made of poinsettias. They seem to be even more popular here than other places we’ve lived. The ceiling had snowflake decorations that were 12 in/30.5 cm in diameter. There were even gingerbread houses on display.


We ate a snack at the restaurant, but it is more like a cafeteria/canteen with nicer food. C was thrilled to have an apple treat. They warmed it up and placed whipped topping on top, but the temperature difference caused the cream to slide to the side. I had something a bit more simple.

Then we took a walk outside. As I mentioned in past posts, the arboretum is quite large. We did not explore as much as we usually do, but it was just the right amount of nature time for the three of us.

Bye for now.


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