Two out of Three

So on our trip to northern Minnesota, we decided to find Paul Bunyan Statues. A lady in Park Rapids recommended that we visit the one is in Bemidji, Minnesota.  It is popular due to having Babe the Blue Ox with him. A family member was interested in seeing the statue in Akeley, Minnesota. It is popular due to the fact that a grown man can sit in the statue’s hand. Sadly we ran out of time and were not able to get to the third Paul Bunyan Statue in Brainerd, Minnesota.  The Brainerd, MN statue is inside of a building in a theme park called Paul Bunyan Land it seems. It was fun to see different interpretations of this figure from the tall tales.

There are several Paul Bunyan statues around the country. He is a very popular tall tale character in American Folklore.

Bye for now.

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