Lake Nokomis in Late Spring

There are several lakes of various sizes in the Twin Cities area. Lake Nokomis is a popular lake to walk, bike and run around. It is also a favorite for a couple of friends of ours.


So C, Baby Willow and I headed down to meet our friends at the casual restaurant/food stand by the “beach” on Lake Nokomis. We took a walk around the lake before eating. It was nice to catch up with them and hear about their big road trip.

Along the way we saw a family of Mallard ducks. There were also canoers, kyakers, and people sailing boats on the lake. Seeing as it was a beautiful day, many people were out walking their dogs on the walking path too.

Afterwards we stopped at the Sandcastle restaurant. It has nice food, but a limited menu. I chose not to take photos of the dishes as I simply was hungry and wanted to eat. The presentation was nice and the food tasted good. I would tell friends without food restrictions to have a bite. Some things are not cheap as a can of soda/pop/cola/coke is $2.25.

The five of us went for a bit of a walk going by the creek towards Cedar Avenue from the lake. There we saw more mallard ducks and ducklings. I have a soft spot for baby ducklings and goslings.

C and I parted ways with our friends and agreed that it was a nice afternoon outing with friends.

Bye for now.

2 thoughts on “Lake Nokomis in Late Spring

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