Taft Park


We recently needed to do a quick shopping trip and saw that this little lake was near by. It was a risk, but I am so glad we took the risk. The lake is Taft Lake in Taft Park. Due to it’s proximity to the intersection of Highway 62 and Cedar Ave, it had busy traffic flowing past and planes overhead for landing. This can be unnerving or cool depending on your perspective.

With that in mind, many people don’t seem to walk around this “hidden” lake. I think that the wildlife really appreciate this as I saw: geese and goslings, ducks and ducklings, black birds, robins and cardinals. In fact, we were so enamored with the young families that we took far too many photos. So many that I made a post just for the gosling family.

The walk around the lake is paved, and gentle. The lake itself was quiet with fishermen here and there. The tree lined path had many different types of trees, but the willows were my favorite for this walk.

So if you are in the area and need a small bit of nature, it just might fit the bill.

Bye for now.

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