Minnehaha Creek 1

So feeling like taking a walk is sometimes the thing to do. As long as C and I have known each other we’ve gone for decently long walks. I wanted to walk along a stretch of Minnehaha Creek that I have not been to in a while.

C, Baby Willow and I started off just north of Lake Nokomis and started off. We talked and enjoyed the creek all the way to Portland Ave. Then we went to Pearl Park for a play time break and headed back to Lake Nokomis. When we arrived to the Lake Nokomis area we saw wood ducks in a more marshy area and bees feeding on Dandelions. We crossed under the bridge to the Nokomis Beach area of the lake and saw mallard ducks and small sail boats waiting for their owners.

It was a good walk with good conversation.

Bye for now.

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