Dave’s Popcorn & Ice Cream

Dave’s Popcorn is a small gem of a shop. It is very close to Everett’s Foods & Meats grocery Store. This is a seasonal business that opens for late spring and closes in early fall. The building is a permanent little building that is about the size of a small bedroom.

C and I like this place because we can walk the whole family including Spotty and Stripes for a quick snack. The people that man the shop are very friendly. All in all it is nice to indulge in a treat that usually is on the naughty list.

If you choose to go, double check the hours as they have different opening hours than many places.

Bye for now.

Update: This location has been purchased by Milkjam Creamery. This company is like many others that uses coconut milk for their vegan flavors. This is a trend that is popular for the area unfortunately.


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