Crosby Farm Regional Park

The three of us recently went to a place that was recommended by other moms for free activities in the area that are family friendly. This place is Crosby Farm Regional Park.  It is literally across the river from Pike Island and Fort Snelling State Park.

We did not see too much in the way of wildlife, but a small bird here and a very quick red looking squirrel there. However, the birds were definitely chirping. The trees and other plants have had some rain and sun so it was very green. However, even with the recent rains we are still in a drought.

We liked that we could walk to yet another part of the Mississippi River in the area. C showed Baby Willow the river up close. The pathways were lined with very tall trees. Some of which were the tallest Cottonwood trees I have ever seen.

There were other families with young children and babies enjoying the beautiful day. Many of the walks are paved so if you have a stroller it is a peaceful walk.

We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at the park.

Bye for now.


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