National Farmer’s Bank of Owatonna


C and I went for a small weekend away recently and I hope to post more about it soon. We did not trek too far from the twin cities. On this time away, we stopped by the National Farmer’s Bank of Owatonna that happens to now be a Wells Fargo Bank branch in Owatonna. If you happen to be traveling along Interstate 35 by Owatonna during bank hours, I would absolutely recommend you stop by the bank.

It is well designed and has some history. Although for some a building built in 1908 seems like a new building, one must remember that history is a matter of perspective. I have volunteered in buildings dating back to 1066, and will still appreciate the historical aspect of this building.

It was designed by Louis Sullivan. It is one of his “Jewel Box” buildings. Much like a geode the beauty as nice as some features are on the outside, the beauty is the interior. There are murals, Green glazed terra cotta touches, gold leaf trims, painted carved vaults and even details such as lamp fixtures that have stayed with the building throughout. We agreed to only take photos above business level to prevent photos of the bank employees and account holders. Yes, you can climb the stairs to get a closer look at the elaborate light fixtures.

Hope you enjoy these photos.


Bye for now.


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