Faribault, MN

C and I have had a rough couple of weeks as I have been really sick. With the warmer weather in the forecast, we could not wait to get out of town and explore a few small towns to the south of the twin cities. There will be a few overdue posts on this little trip.


Our first stop was a small town called Faribault, MN population about 23,000. Their online presence does not make for an overly enticing get away, but for a small Midwestern town, it was sweet. The main street was full of the older buildings of Faribault near the river. C and I decided to stop by for the afternoon and explore a bit.

We walked up and down the main street and discovered a few interesting mom and pop shops and establishments. We ate lunch in a casual restaurant called Bernie’s Grill that proved that people truly know their neighbors here. Even though it was not a fancy place, the menu was simple, service was friendly and the food was good. C even noticed a funny word decal on the back of the bathroom/toilet stall.

We finished our meal and walked through a few shops. The pride in the buildings were clear for any tourist to see.

We then walked around and saw one of the many churches in the town. This one happens to be an Episcopal Cathedral, the original cathedral for the diocese of Minnesota. One thing that strikes me is that many of the Episcopal churches have red doors. It was a pretty stone church with a pretty bell tower.

Towards the end of our time  in Faribault, we visited the Woolen Mills. This is a local mill factory that makes wool goods like blankets, scarves and the like. They have a small shop in the factory. There is a section called seconds in the store where there might be small imperfections, but the item is still in good useful form. In this section, not only are the blankets a bit less expensive, but they had a sale 40% off the marked prices. So a locally made, higher quality wool goods for a more affordable price. You can shop online for their goods too.

There is a park across the river from the Mill factory. It was a bit soggy from the melting snow, but it looks like a great place for a small family picnic with playgrounds too.

There are other sections of Faribault are interesting, but I would say my favorite area was right near the main street.


Bye for now.

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