Downtown Fonts in Minneapolis

Recently C and I took a small walk in downtown Minneapolis and noticed that there were a few fonts that were different than the normal slim and streamlined font used so frequently these days. Although I like this style of font, I like creative typography in sign postings. We only had a short period of time and mostly explored Nicollet Mall which is not like a mall in the American sense, but more like a High Street in the British sense. It is a street with: retail, restaurants, businesses and government buildings. I am a fan of the vast array of architecture in and near downtown Minneapolis so I am likely to make posts for this area in the future.

Had we had more time, I suppose there would have been better fonts to find in the area. We noticed that the restaurants were more willing to use different fonts than the regular businesses. We are not advertising intentionally for any business, but purely are interested in the fonts they chose to use. All but a few of the signs were exterior signs. The Central Library signs were internal and we asked permission before taking the photos in the building.

We hope you enjoy the fonts. I miss the days when businesses and places in general were more willing to be creative with fonts rather than go with what seems to be the status quo. Hopefully we will find other small treasures that many overlook in the down town area in the future when it is much warmer than it has been recently.


Bye for now.

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