Winter Holiday

We’ve had family over for the winter holidays, and one of the visitors asked to write an entry of our little adventures in the blog. I hope you enjoy their photos and experience shared.


Mississippi cruise

We flew in on Christmas Day to stay with C & Jen for a few days. Thankfully, we had good weather to enjoy the snow scenery. We all enjoyed a walk by the Mississippi towards downtown and around the local area. The river is largely covered with a layer of ice and pristine white snow and any boats were stuck fast by the ice. The streets and parks looked attractive although there were only a few people out with sledges or walking their dogs.

There were more people at the Minnesota Landscape Arburetum where the sunshine and snow added to the marvelous treescape. Each branch on the trees was marked out with a white highlighter as were the sculptured designs in the Japanese Garden. As the sun and the temperature went down the trees in the west were sillouetted against the bright sky and we headed back into town.


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