The Bakken Museum

Science and science reasoning has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I was in the family that did science experiments on a regular basis, and had parents that could usually answer that pesky “why” question of childhood. So the fact that there is a museum based on science and in particular electricity is cool to me.

This museum is named after Earl Bakken, a co-founder of Medtronic and a biomedical engineer, inventor. This museum moved to its current location, a former mansion, in 1976 as stated on the history page of their website.

Although there were places that were definitely look and don’t touch, there were plenty of stations where Kid Willow could explore and discover. Items like homemade stethoscopes, closed circuit wiring, blood pressure and pulse monitors were fun. The staff on hand were incredibly supportive and helped Kid Willow through the stations.

I am hopeful to explore their plant based medicine exhibits and gardens one day. We did not see to much due to a party being set up.

I think I enjoyed this museum more than the rest of the Willow family. I think it is wise that they change the themes of the museum each month. It keeps things fresh as I am told many young families visit the museum regularly.

By for now.

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