Walking on Lake Harriet: Art Shanty




In full disclosure, I’ll admit to not going inside of any shanty on the lake. I was too fearful of falling as nearly every one was surrounded by slick ice due to high foot traffic volume. I still wanted to share this event as it is something that I would have been involved in while in college/university.

Each ice house sized shanty had their own theme and look. From the outside appearances, it seems like the shanties are part audience participatory performance art and installation works. I loved seeing the variety in styles and themes.

C and Kid Willow thought the shanties were cool, but Baby Willow was a bit not bothered by the whole experience. I think this might be another event to revisit when both kiddos are a bit older. That and we should bring a sled to use in transporting kiddos across the lake.


Bye for now.


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