Boone Scenic Valley Railroad

We’ve been sick off and on and I am finally able to catch up with what we have been up to recently. I hope to get the other small outings posted soon.

Truth be told, anyone that has visited lately knows that Kid Willow is a train kid. Turns out many in the Willow family are train people. So a big treat for Kid Willow and other members of the family was to meet in Boone, IA for the Boone Scenic Valley Railroad train trip.

This is a volunteer run steam train ride with a museum attached. The Museum was once a personal collection that was donated to this location. There are train cars and engines that are no longer in use on the grounds of the museum as well.

C really enjoys telling others that the steam engine is actually a newer engine built in the last 20 years from the last steam train factory in China. This type is called the Iowan. We all enjoyed seeing the massive engine and Kid Willow was surprised at just how loud the engine became when it let out its steam at the end of the journey.

Along the journey we passed through the flat corn fields that Iowa is known for and a wooded ravine. The bridge was incredibly high and we made sure Kid Willow kept inside the open window as there was no guard for safety. Kid Willow was far from the only child on the trip. The views were pretty and we were a week or two before the fall leaves changed. C and I agreed just how beautiful it would have looked with the multicolored leaves.

I am glad for the experience. This is a bigger train trip for us as even Baby Willow was charged for the journey. I would recommend it to those in the area.

Bye for now.

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