Oliver Kelly Farm


After some research, C and I agreed that visiting the Oliver Kelly Farm would be fun for Baby Willow. It is on the register for Minnesota Historical Society’s list of places to visit and is an interactive farm still run like the Kelly family did in the mid to late 1800’s. This was the time of the homestead act and many immigrants from overseas as well as pioneers from the east coast moved to the Midwest to have a stake on owning land.

The entrance and visitors center was under construction when we visited, but it appears that the wait will be worth it. We walked down a gravel road to the homestead/farm. There were people wearing 19th century style clothing, but were not in character. Unfortunately, Baby Willow wasn’t as keen on the vegetable garden and buildings as we were.

We all enjoyed the different animals kept on the farm. May of the breeds of animals were the same types as would have been prevalent back then. It was interesting to watch one of the gentlemen bring in the cattle. Baby Willow is a big fan of the sheep. I thought the horses were simply beautiful.

After our time in the farm area, we went on one of the three trails that explored the large acreage the Kelly’s claimed when they were around. There aren’t photos of this time so I could fully take in the peaceful small trail. For a brief time the Farm Trail runs along the Mississippi River so it was easy to enjoy the flowing water rush past us. The oak leaves looked as if their edges were dipped in red ink. Later on in the walk, I was able to introduce Baby Willow to crickets. I love crickets and Baby Willow was giddy with joy while watching the crickets jump on the path. Baby Willow kept stopping to see if any more crickets would appear.

C and I agree that it was a nice place to spend an afternoon crickets and all.

By for now.

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