Elk River, MN

C and I have learned over the years that nice days in October are to be enjoyed outside. We decided to go further afield and visit Elk River, MN. It is a small town north of the Twin Cities. Elk River is a stop on the Northstar commuter train, but the train station is a good distance from the walk-able part of town. We drove with Baby Willow instead.

While there, we visited the downtown/city center which was a closed on Sunday type of area. We saw a few restaurants we’d like to try in the future, and enjoyed that it was right by the river. There unfortunately weren’t any river walks, but a nice lookout point was just right for us at the time. While there, Baby Willow had a huge thrill by witnessing the Northstar Train for the first time as it whizzed past the downtown. A few minutes later, C and Baby Willow watched a large freight train roll through town. Baby Willow’s face was bright with joy.

Bye for now.

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