Holz Farm

A while ago we visited an event at Holz Farm park in Eagan, MN. Sadly there is not much information online about this place, but it is rich with history. It is a registered historical place that was once a family farmstead run by the Holz family from 1890’s to about 1990’s which is now treated as a living history style place with events throughout the year for visitors may learn more about farm life many decades ago.

Many of the buildings are still up and were interesting to see. My favorite was the chicken coop. While I was inside, hens were laying eggs. Baby Willow enjoyed seeing all the animals and the machines. C seemed to gravitate towards the Holz Lake.

Other than the chicken coop, the house which was not the first house for the family as it was built in 1911 was open. It had many aspects to fully use resources available including a water cistern from collected rain water for their everyday usage. They grew their own produce and had several types of animals on the farm. There were other features such as an old washing machine and wood box style telephone. It was also interesting to know that Mrs. Holz still used the wood burning stove to bake even after having a modern oven.

The farm equipment was informative. Some of the equipment was running when we saw it. Baby Willow liked to see their little red tracker.

They have a holiday season event each year. Maybe one day we can all return to enjoy.

Bye for now.

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