Black Dog Lake

So the Willow family wanted to get out of the city a bit and we visited Burnsville, MN. It is still considered a part of the metropolitan region of the Twin Cities. C wanted a short walk and Baby Willow loves a good playground so Black Dog Lake was a good spot. This park is part of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

The plants were still dry and the breeze made the reeds rustle. The song birds chirped and the frogs sang their tune. The sun was out and we spotted a few bald Eagles. Seeing the eagles and their nests was still thrilling to us. Their nests are huge.

I will say that the walk seemed longer than its two mile length to the end, but the end was worth the muddy sections. Baby Willow even enjoyed the freight train that went by. The grass path became more quiet the farther along the path, and we were able to stop and point things out to Baby Willow and each other. A great place for a quiet walk. Baby Willows thoroughly enjoyed the toddler section of the massive playground too.

Bye for now.

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