So Fall Has Begun

I lost my camera and track of time. Fall is the favorite season of the Willow family. We’ve had a range of activities and events occur. So I suppose that it is best to say, fall has begun.

We enjoyed a lovely evening in a friend’s backyard chatting around the fire pit. Baby Willow loved being around the friend’s dogs. They have such lovely and gentle giants. The music was great and the weather was just right for hanging out enjoying good conversation.

Then a few days later we were able to watch the lunar eclipse. We watched the grand majority of the eclipse. I’m sure Baby Willow had no idea what was going on that evening. However, C and I were in awe of this natural show.

Family arrived to spend a week with us. We along with over 30,000 others enjoyed a great baseball game where the Royals won. The skies were clear, but we sat in the shade. There was a cool breeze in the shade. Baby Willow only was able to make it to the 6th inning. Considering Baby Willow’s age, that was impressive.

Right before our family returned home, we walked around Lake Hiawatha to enjoy a quiet walk and talk. Towards the end of the walk the sun was setting. The geese and the ducks were enjoying their own conversations.

And finally we tried out C’s newish kite for a second time. This time we had good friends to help us. They had their dogs, Grass Anchor and Jungle Fever. Spotty and Stripes stayed at home. Baby Willow loved the kite at first. I suppose the kite landing will have to take some time. C seemed to enjoy the brief time flying the kite while I walked with Baby Willow around the park. Baby Willow was determined to enjoy the new shoes.

So some quiet, but meaningful times with people we care about. It makes even the more plain events special.

Bye for now.

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