Bull Sculptures on the Lawn

So a long while ago, I read an article on a neighborhood in St. Paul called St. Anthony Park. This is not to be mistaken for St. Anthony Main in North East Minneapolis. It has a totally different vibe. There were many places I wanted to go and see, but we had time only for one thing. So after C and Baby Willow played on the playground in a nearby park, we visited University of MN the St. Paul campus. On the lawn in the southeast corner are three bronze bull sculptures. They are hard metal but have lovely soft lines. In other words, there are very few sharp angles. I can see the lawn as a great place to study on a blanket, or the sculptures being a meeting place for students.

If you are in the area, I would give a brief stop by. A short drive or walk – depending on the person – away is the little shopping district with places to eat and shop. I hope that we return and explore this neighborhood more.

Bye for now.

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