Park Rapids, MN


A while ago we went to Park Rapids with family. This is the first post of the trip to central and northern Minnesota. Park Rapids is a cute little town of about 3000 people. It has a main street/high street area for a downtown.

This is one of those towns that closes up shop for the most part on Sundays. So if you take a long weekend, Saturday is your day to shop the gift shops.

C and I thought the little stone mosaics in the shape of lakes in the area was a clever idea. We only took a couple of photos of the lakes as they were the ones we visited on our trip – Fish Hook Lake and Lake Itasca. Each corner of each intersection had a different lake shape.

Another thing we were surprised about is the ability for someone with food restrictions to eat without too many issues in town. We stopped at two places in particular – The Good Life Cafe and Beyond Juice. I had a specially made smoothie and club sandwich with potato salad at Beyond Juice. C had a different sandwich, but sadly I can’t remember what it was. It looks like a turkey sandwich with cheddar. At the Good Life Cafe I had a BLT with a salad and C had the pulled pork sandwich.

We stayed near Fish Hook Lake. We have another post for the lake coming soon. There was several types of wildlife visiting. My family seemed enamored with the chipmunks.  It was a peaceful park and place to stay.


Bye for now.

(There might be photos taken by family and used with permission.)

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