Recent walks through Powderhorn Park

We’ve taken a few more walks around Lake Powderhorn recently. It is clear that the birds are quite used to humans and didn’t seem all that bothered by us.

These mallards just simply let us get close. They watched us, but it was cool to get close without touching the birds.

One of my favorite moments was when a “father” goose shooed his family toward the lake. The family as a whole did not go that fast towards the lake, but watching the goslings walk around was a new sight for me as I am used to goslings being in the water.

It is fun to see flocks of birds out and about. If you visit, there still might be a Cooper’s Hawk nest in a tree on the south side of the park near the road. It is quite a cool thing to see in the city. Sadly we did not get a photo of this nest.


Then again an old turtle here and there might cross your path on the way to the lake. This one had a tumble before heading into the water. Slow and steady is a good pace for a walk around this lake.

Bye for now.

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