Pilgrimage Cafe

So a few of us went out for a nice lunch this weekend. It was a beautiful afternoon and so eating outside was in order. We were a bit of a larger group including two dogs and a baby.Spotty and Stripes stayed at home, but our friends’ dogs joined us for lunch. We agreed to eat at Pilgrimage Cafe in the patio seating area.

I am so glad we did. We enjoyed good food and good conversation. None of us knew what to expect and we agreed that this was a good place to return. I will say that the prices were reasonable, but for C and me it is a little more than we can pay on a regular basis.

Seeing as we all have differing food styles, it was nice to see that their menu could meet our needs. The meals ordered were: Steak and Egg Salad with pieces of fried yucca, BBQ Benedict, a Breakfast Burrito, a Chimichurri Philly Sandwich and the weekend special of a Baked French Toast. After all was said and done, only a dollop of guacamole was left. Baby Willow enjoyed a meal from home and thoroughly ensured it was all over their face.


I will state that the servers were very accommodating. They had a big dog bowl of water for their four legged guests. They were quick to find us a highchair for Baby Willow. I was pleased that the patio was covered to help block the sun from Baby Willow. The space was still a bit tight. This patio is much better for guests up to two people at a time. We are very grateful for the server’s help.

All in all a good meal, good afternoon, and good conversation with friends. I would go back again.

Bye for now.

Update: This restaurant has recently become the new location for the Colossal Cafe. I have visited since and the food is still good.

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