Sweet Berry Kitchen

A couple of friends of ours wanted to meet up for a special occasion. We agreed that getting something to eat would be a great idea. So C, Baby Willow and I met with them at a place that I have been only once before. It is called Sweet Berry Kitchen. The food was good and the service was friendly.

Sadly, we forgot to take a photograph of our meals, but believe me there was nothing left on the plates for a photo after we ate. The owners allowed us to hang around and chat for a long time. It is nice when you can sit and chat for a while without being pressured to leave quickly.

In being able to chat for a while, there was conversation about a sweet treat from the dessert counter. C and I chose a beautiful small chocolate cake. C kept saying this is what I would call a gateau. I kept saying that “gateau is French for cake” so I suppose it is a type of cake that C associates with “gateau.” The cake was lovely. Their treats are made in house. The chocolate butter cream frosting was lovely and not too sweet. The cake was a moist six layer chocolate cake and not dense like a UK sponge cake. It was small but lovely. Three of us shared the small cake.

It is one of those places that I hope will stay for some time to come. It is quality.

We enjoyed it and had a nice walk and talk afterwards to burn some of the food off.

Bye for now

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