A Cupcake Social

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Although the cupcake trend has long past, a sweet treat is usually welcome in our house. I have been curious about this corner cupcake shop ever since it opened a while back. Conveniently, it is on the same corner as a brew pub and a coffee shop.


The colors are decidedly cheerful and the music playing seems purposefully older. When I first walked in a Roy Orbison song was playing. The furniture is white and the baked goods display is simple with lovely treats baked in the back room. When I was there the lady behind the counter told the customer before me that the last hour of the day was “happy hour” so the cupcakes were $2 each. I don’t know if it was just that day or every day.


They even had pupcakes (cupcakes for dogs, they smell like banana nut muffins), a vegan option as well as a gluten free option for those with other needs.  We chose a gluten free cupcake, a pupcake and a regular “death by chocolate” cupcake. My cupcake was nice. C liked his. Spotty and Stripes had 1/6 of a pupcake each.


Well we did not eat in the shop as we had Spotty and Stripes with us. It was nice to have treat when we returned home.

If you are curious like we were, I would say stop by. The service is good and the cupcakes (even at the end of the day were good.) I will say however that some people have had some misses, but still would say that the cupcakes are good.

Bye for now.

* As of June 2020 A Cupcake Social is closed. We enjoyed out last cupcakes the week before they closed. This is a shop that will be missed by the Blue Willow family.

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