Longfellow Gardens

Well after a few weeks to get to know each other, the five of us went for a short trip to a small garden near Minnehaha Park. We went to Longfellow Gardens. It is a lovely little place that is fairly peaceful should you want to read or enjoy the quiet. Baby Willow seemed to enjoy being so close with C while there.

There is a bit of a history to the gardens. On one of the walkways, there is a sign posted with old photos. One photo even had seals being fed in the gardens.

The flower combinations are great as are the individual blooms. We hope you enjoy the beauty as much as we did. It is good to see before the chill of winter returns.

Bye for now.


One thought on “Longfellow Gardens

  1. I remember these gardens – the choice of plants and colours shows great care and affection. Soon these plants will fade or be covered by snow and ice…lovely to enjoy their rich display.

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