Simple St. Paul Saturday Afternoon

Well, we had a visiting relative this past weekend. We wanted to show them some of our favorite things in the area and the relative wished to visit a local eatery. So we spent the Saturday afternoon in Saint Paul. The day was pretty overall with a few downpour showers at times.

First stop was a quick visit to our local branch of the Farmers Market. We had a bite to eat and bought a bunch of radishes. Our relative opted for some dried Thai chili peppers.

We then practiced walking with our stroller and figuring out the quirks of our place and the stroller. C and our relative walked our dogs while we learned more quirks with this stroller itself.


Then we were off to share my favorite Twin Cities activity, Padelford Riverboat Rides, that floats along the Mississippi River. This was a special treat and a more relaxed event than the one C and I shared back in the fall. It was a sunny and humid time, but the breeze was strong enough that it felt pleasant. We only saw one Bald Eagle but we did see several water fowl including what be think might be a blue heron. The trip was about an hour and a half long. Our visitor walked of the boat with a smile on their face. They enjoy being on the water and learning local history as much as I do if not more.

Then we went to one of the larger parks in the Twin Cities, Como Park. We went to a section of this park that we never have been to before.  In the past C and I visited: Lake Como, The Zoo, The Conservatory, and a flower garden area, but we’ve never visited this particular area of picnic grounds. There are many other sections to this city park, but we stayed in this area. The green trees and grass was a nice background for the many families and couples sharing a meal on the multiple picnic tables. There was a rather large playground. Our visitor said that just the picnic ground alone was a nice park in and of itself. Again, Como Park is a really large park. We stayed a short while near the Midway Picnic Pavilions. When we walked a short bit then there was off and on downpours began. So we took shelter for a bit whereas many families left, but had a really good conversation. The restroom/toilets near us was a nicer outdoor style restroom/toilets as they were designed a bit nicer and in better condition than many other park restrooms/toilets.

Once the rain ended, we agreed that it would be a good time to visit the eatery that our visitor wanted to go.  It is called The Nook. It is a burger place with a bowling alley in the basement. The Nook is a popular place in the St. Paul area. The original burned a few years ago in a fire. However, when this happened one firefighter took the time to try and save all the photo memorabilia that helped to make the Nook special. I would say this is most similar to a local pub or local bar and grill. The menu was full of different style of hamburgers. We all left full. I could not finish my meal. C and our visitor were more adventurous with their meals.

Then we agreed to return home to our dogs. They were happy to see us and have another walk. We enjoyed a simple Saturday afternoon in Saint Paul.

Bye for now.

One thought on “Simple St. Paul Saturday Afternoon

  1. I like the sound of the Nook, and the food looks good, bowling and a burger next time we’re in town?… N&H

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