Chilled out weekend

This past weekend was fairly laid back. So even though it is low key, it is still a mini-adventure for C and me.


Friday, I was given really good news. C and I wanted to celebrate and in willow style we could not decide on an activity until late. Since we are a meat and potato style eaters, we went to our favorite pub, Merlin’s Rest. We have not been there for a few months. Both of us very happy that the portions were not huge. The manager helped me make a decision on food to ensure I was okay. The place was packed and the vibe was relaxed and lively. Towards the end a bag pipe player played a tune. This is a British pub that is – like many other British Pubs – owned by a British person. Every time we eat at Merlin’s has been a good experience. We have yet to participate in a Pub Quiz, but it should be a great time. This pub also has whisky tastings a few times a year with many specialist selections.


Saturday morning I was given a lovely baby shower for our baby blue willow. I really enjoyed this time with people from far and near. I also learned so much about my up and coming motherhood journey. I will say I don’t plan on having photos of our little one on this blog as I will just add the little one to our little explorations here. There is something special about being surrounded by women in preparation of this change in life. It can feel like a warm security blanket of support for the mom-to-be. Baby Showers tend to be an tradition that is not celebrated in every country. For the British that might be reading, baby showers vary greatly depending on: hosts, mums-to-be, guests, etc. Though typically this tends to be a female only event. I wanted something low key. I am thrilled we did not have baby themed games. My shower was a small light brunch with women chatting and giving advice. I was not the only mum-to-be present, so we both learned together. Being one who like to make things for others, I wanted to show some of the homemade gifts given as an example of some gifts given at baby showers.


Both C and I had many errands to run and were a bit tired, so we had a mini date at a popular dive bar called, Matt’s Bar. It has become a bit of a tourist trap much like Pink’s Hotdogs in LA, CA. Matt’s Bar’s claim to fame is the Jucy Lucy. (It is misspelled for a reason.) I would recommend that you bring cash as they don’t take any plastic payment methods. It has a very simple menu and people form lines to eat the simple food. If you do order the signature burger bite slowly or the hot cheese will explode on your shirt. I tend to stick with a simple burger. Though I will say that the Cardinal Bar near the 38th Light Rail Tram stop has a better burger and much less hype.

I do hope to enjoy a donut soon from the Glam Doll Donuts people soon. I don’t tend to go for sweets, but they supposedly are in the top ten for best donuts in the country. If it is good, a place to take our sweet tooth visitors.

So fairly low key, but C and I are more than aware that for a time, meals out will be harder for us to achieve smoothly. We are excited to have baby blue willow in the future.

Bye for now.

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