Hubbell House Restaurant and Mantorville, MN

Our unplanned lunch landed us in Mantorville, MN. We sat by the water fountain in Central Park in Owatonna and researched what we should do. C and I tried not to plan too much so we could take the weekend as it goes. We happened upon Hubbell House in Mantorville, MN. We saw the reviews and researched the history of this place. We went for it and the half an hour on the highway to Mantorville.

Mantorville is a small town about the size of a small English village. They take great pride in the historical nature of their historic main street which is more of a corner now. We parked our car in yet another free parking lot/carpark and did not need to wait too long for a table in this popular family owned restaurant.

We could not take great interior pictures due to the low lighting. I was really glad to be wearing one of my new semi smart jumpers/nice sweaters as many were dressed in semi-smart to smart clothing. The interior was  nice. The massive built-in hutch/bar type station was beautiful in its simplicity. Each table was lit with a small oil lamp. The servers were wearing black and white and very polite. The place-mat had signatures of famous people that have visited the location. The daily specials were nice and the food was really good. I will admit that C and I dropped the average age of the customers quite a bit. We overheard conversations about recent price hikes on goods and services and talking about costs of meals. C and I agreed that we would not get a desert at the restaurant as we were well fed at the restaurant and there was a little candy/sweet shop across the street.

When we walked into The Chocolate Shoppe there were two ladies making chocolates in house. The chocolate selection was smaller but good. They sell some of their goods at the Mantorville Farms.  On the other side there was many options for hard and soft candies. They did have quite a few jelly beans to chose from. C and I had a fruit flavored stick of candy and a piece of fudge each. It was really nice.

We then walked around as there was yet another small park, Riverside Park, next to a small river, South Branch Middle Fork Zumbro River. The ice built up made for a more dramatic little waterfall. C calls them weirs. The cliff on the other side had trees coming out. During the summer I bet this is a popular location with the people of the town.

After a small walk to help with the lunch, we headed back to Owatonna to explore.

Bye for now.

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