It has been a slow couple of weeks because I have not felt all that great and the family has been adjusting to the chill.

Seeing as Spotty and Stripes are small dogs, they need to wear their thicker coats when the temperatures become cold. On Saturday, it definitely was cold for a November day. The high was 16F/-8.8C and the low was supposed to be around 6F/-14C which does not take into account the winds that blew. The wind chills (feels like temperature) did not reach 0F/-18C until the afternoon. So the short times that the dogs were out, they had those coats. Thankfully the cold air from Canada is well on its way to the north east. At least we did not have any snow. Tomorrow we should be back to average highs of about 35F/2C for this week. I am very happy about that.

Today I felt better than I have in a while, so C treated me to a meal out. We went to Boston Market. It is not a posh place by any means. It is not a horrible place either. The food served would be found in a home for Sunday Roast. For example: turkey breast, meatloaf, or a brisket main with a choice of two sides. They make great cooked spinach and mashed potatoes. Due to being so close to the holidays they had a sweet potato side dish with the nuts and marshmallows as a choice. So basic home cooked style food with a casual eatting environment.

After that we went to a shop I have enjoyed since being introduced in Los Angeles over ten years ago, World Market. I do want to ensure this is not confused with one of my favorite places, Midtown Global Market on Lake Street. They are not the same. I hope to have a post on the global market in a while. Seeing as C and I like foods that are not easy to find in the “international” section of the regular grocery store, we go to World Market for stuff like Salad Cream. It is one of those places that if you are looking for curry sauces, international decor, Christmas crackers (UK), nice bath stuff, jewelry, furniture, old children’s toys and even cast iron Dutch Ovens you are likely to find them. It is full of color and the like.

As with most stores in the area, the holiday offerings were front and center. This year C, the dogs and I hope to stay away from shops and spend time with each other. For those in the US, we hope that you have a great and safe Thanksgiving weekend.

Bye for now.

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