P1030118Today is Veterans Day. The older I become, the more I understand how important this day truly is for many. This is not a day for shopping great sales. It is a day to remember the veterans that have served their country. I sound preachy, but seeing so many advertisements in print and on screen for this day can be overwhelming. This is from a lady who loves to shop sales.


C and I went to Fort Snelling early Sunday afternoon. On our walk we saw this veteran and his dog. He was a lovely man. His dog was lovely too, but we had to be very open with it. Very soon the dog sat on my foot and we had a bit of a cuddle. Make no mistake, it could have hurt me and it did not. I never asked the gentleman his name or his duties. I have learned from meeting veterans that some things you never ask. We spoke with him about our frustrations with Veterans Day Sales that seem to permeate. We had a nice chat for a few minutes. We learned a bit and shared a bit. At the end we asked if we could take his photo and post it on our personal blog. He agreed. He then approved the photo C took. We wanted him to know how he was presented. He approved.

This day is remembered by more countries than the U.S. I believe in the U.K. it is called Remembrance Day which tends to be celebrated on the nearest Sunday as well as a ceremony on this date. So the importance of thanking veterans is more than a United States thing.

So please take some time to remember and thank the veterans that have served in the past and are serving in the present. I hope you understand. By the way, I have no control right now if there are advertisements at the bottom of this post. It is part of having this blog.

Bye for now.

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