Lakefront Park, Prior Lake, MN

Recently it was unusually warm and we wanted to get out of town. We decided to visit Prior Lake, MN. We specifically went to visit the park that was next to the small downtown district as it met our check list of needs: a playground, paved trails for the stroller and a place to have a simple picnic that wouldn’t be covered in snow.

Once we arrived, we realized that it was a well loved city park. Many were sledding/sledging down the large hill. The snow in the playground area was covered in little footprints. The cleared paved trails were used by dogs and their owners.

We went to a quiet corner shelter to have a simple family picnic. We then realized the the wind gusts from the northwest had a bite even with the lovely sunny skies. A cold front was on its way through.

We walked the trails and saw a few birds and squirrels. I think one was a White-breasted Nuthatch, but they were a good distance away. We also saw people driving their ATV on the lake ice. I still am getting used to the idea that the ice can get so thick that you can drive on it much less walk on it.

The kiddos then were let loose on the playground and had a blast. Even I enjoyed the swing set. This was clearly their favorite part of our afternoon trip.

This is another park I want to visit again when it is warmer. Maybe even visit the bakery right around the corner from the park. That would be lovely.

Bye for now.

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